Friday, May 30, 2014


It's time to do some research, so we are headed to the Valle!  

I'll start posting again on Sunday afternoon. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Up Up and Away - Update has some more info about the balloon rides coming to the Valle in June.

Hot Air Balloon Rides are coming to Baja California

Wine Picks: Wine Enthusiast Magazine

This article is from 2012 so I'm sure some of the information (prices) is out of date.  

On a side note, we have been to the Tres Valles tasting room and we were impressed by the quality of the wine.  It is validating that the article agrees.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wine Picks: Valley Girl Baja Wines < $20

Recommending a wine to seek out in Valle de Guadalupe is hard.  The first complicating factor is that there are more than 60 wineries in the Valle producing 100s of different varieties.  Factor in the subjective nature of taste combined with the hard reality of cost you have a task way above my pay grade.  So, I'll leave the job to others.

First up is Valle resident and wine maker Sitara Monica Perez of Valley Girl Baja Wines.  In this post from February 2013 she recommends wines from the Valle that sold for $20 or less. 

Underground Cellar Door Specials

Monday, May 26, 2014

Update: Adobe Guadalupe's Tienda

As noted earlier (Restaurant News - Adobe Guadalupe - Encuentro) Adobe Guadalupe is building a tasting room. They updated its status on Facebook today with a picture and prediction that it would be open before the Vendimia in August.

Trip Report: A Gringo in Mexico

Scott Koenig recaps a tour he led of the Valle de Guadalupe on Saturday, May 24th.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ensenada Toll Road Repairs To Be Completed By September 15

Given the scope of the landslide, a September completion of the repairs would be an impressive accomplishment.  We shall see.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Up Up and Away

Starting in June.

Balloon Rides in Valle de Guadalupe

Spanish a little rusty?  Copy and past url into Google Translate.

Google Translate

Shout Out: Hopper

Some link bait from Hopper.

All five wineries mentioned in the article are excellent and worthy of a visit, but c'mon, five best? That's just silly.

The Five Best Wineries on the Valle de Guadalupe/Baja California Wine Trail

Thursday, May 22, 2014

And the winner is.......

Elsa Judith Olmos of Corazon de Tierra - Best Restaurant Dessert - Mesamerica 2014

Photo via the Twitter feed of Alejandro Zarate V - @vinoypipirin -

Valle de Guadalupe Goes Hollywood (and Santa Monica)

I am starting to think Javier Plascencia has been cloned.  He seems to be everywhere.

Loteria Grill in Hollywood is hosting a couple of events on June 4th and 5th with Chef Plascencia to celebrate their Mexican Wine launch.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

La Esperanza Update - Pictures

Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero - @bajamedbymiguelangel - posted these picture of his new restaurant, La Esperanza, on Instagram today.  Located on the LA Cetto property La Esperanza is scheduled to open in June. 

Event Alert: Valle de Guadalupe Harvest + Feast

This one is not for the squeamish.

Join Javier Plascencia, Troy Johnson and a cadre of other creative and culinary leaders from both sides of the border for a harvest workshop, discussion forum and feast beneath a sprawling oak tree at Javier’s Valle de Guadalupe farm and restaurant, Finca Altozano. Enjoy a hyper-local prix fixe menu paired with a series of beers created by Monkey Paw, made specifically for the event with ingredients from Javier’s farm.

Have the opportunity to kill part of your own dinner in a quail harvest workshop. Hear presentations surrounding the topic of fully connected eating, and intimately converse with project contributors and other notable participants. Experience new work by Jaime Fritsch for Death For Food, curated by Set & Drift and showcased in an installation by renowned architect Manuel Martinez.

More information and tickets here:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

3 Night Yoga Retreat in Valle de Guadalupe

Hopefully yoga class is before dinner at Corazon de Tierra.

Dave Miller Offers Cruise Ship Passengers Some Ensenada Advice

Solid suggestions for those coming to Ensenada via cruise ship.

And cruisers, Dave was a little off.  There are more than 50 wineries.  My list of wineries with links to contact information (where available) can be found here:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Scott Koenig's Escape to Baja's Wine Country's Tour 5/24

According to an email I received from Scott there are 4 seats left for the tour on May 24th.

Some Info:
Join El Gringo, (W. Scott Koenig) and his wife Ursula on a three vineyard tour and late lunch in Baja's beautiful wine country, the Valle de Guadalupe. A comfortable 90-minute van ride away from the San Diego/Tijuana border, the "Valle" was recently named one of the 10 BEST Wine Travel Destinations of 2014! It's wines, food and breathtaking landscapes are on par with Napa, but with a south of the border flair.
Our tour includes:
  • Wine tastings at three wineries (Vinos Fuentes, AlXimia & L.A. Cetto)
  • Late lunch at Vinos de la Ruta restaurant, known for their Argentinian Barbacoa
    •  Includes Arrachera, Short Ribs, Chorizo Español, Chistorra and Grilled Quail, accompanied by a a salad and a glass of wine
  • Round trip transportation from Tijuana to Valle de Guadalupe
    in a comfortable passenger van with a friendly, local, knowledgable tour guide.

Ticketing and additional information here:  Escape to Baja's Wine Country

4L Magazine Gives La Villa del Valle a Shout Out

Friday, May 16, 2014

"All is well - the nightmare is over"

So, wrote Adobe Guadalupe on their Facebook page this morning at about 11:00 AM.

By all appearances disaster has been averted.  There is still smoke on the hills north of the El Cielo Winery, but the firefighters seem to have the upper hand.

Via Por Un Valle Verdad's Facebook page

Fire Update 5/16 "The vineyards are safe!"

Fernando Gaxiola wrote on my Facebook page at about 8:00 PM, "The vineyards are safe!"

If true this is fantastic news.  The extent of the fire damage will be revealed Friday morning

Here are some more pictures from Thursday:

Via the Twitter feed of @serotoninergica

Via the Instagram feed of @magaaaly_m

El Porvenir

Via the Instagram feed of @americahp

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Valle de Guadalupe Fire Update 5/15

3:00 PM

Starting to read some reports that the winds have shifted which is pushing the fires closer to the valley floor where the wineries are located.

I will monitor various internet outlets and post any information I find here.

3:20 PM

This picture was posted by @amcvinosdebaja at approximately 1:00 PM

3:55 PM

This is looking bad.  Via Ricardo Collins

Montefiori Winery uploaded about 3:00 PM

Many more pictures here:  Ricardo Collins Photos

4;20 PM  

Looking towards Montefiori from Adobe Guadalupe

Uploaded by Adobe Guadalupe at approximately 4:15 PM

New Baja Concierge Service

This sounds very useful as well as very ambitious.

Carla White an editor at has launched a service that will answer your questions about traveling in Baja via email or Facebook.

Details here:  Baja Concierge

Trip Report: My Design Source

Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Via Anamaria Cesena's Instagram Feed

Posted at approximately 10:15 AM on Wednesday, May 13

"Our car is packed and ready to go, just in case."

Via Vinas de la Erre's Facebook Page

Via Diego Hernandez's Instagram feed.

Looking west from Corazon de Tierra

Via Rondo Del Valle Facebook page

Looking west from Rancho El Parral

Valle de Guadalupe - Concert List

Artists and Venues

Sasha Benny y Erik - Saturday, May 24 - LA Cetto
Mariachi Vargas and Susana Zabaleta - June 14 - LA Cetto
Kenny G - Saturday, June 28 - Santo Tomas @Vinedos San Gabriel   Facebook
Filarmonica Rock - Saturday, July 19 - Santo Tomas @Vinedos San Gabriel
Alejandro Fernandez - Saturday, August 30 - El Cielo
Margarita Parte - Saturday, September 6 - Santo Tomas @Vinedos San Gabriel
Emmanuel - Sunday, September 28 - LA Cetto

Ticket and Venue Information

LA Cetto
APM Productions (Santo Tomas @Vinedos San Gabriel)
Alejandro Fernandez @ El Cielo

Drew Deckman Returns on July 1

Friday, May 9, 2014

Valle de Guadalupe Advice for First Timers

Dustie-Jo Naito of The Ultimate Ensenada Wine Guide offers advice to Valle de Guadalupe newbies.

A New Valle de Guadalupe Winery?

Sherlockopotle is on the case!

I was poking around Instagram and found the following picture that was tagged valledeguadalupe in Santiago Jimenez's (@grullagram) feed.

Based upon the comments the winery is called Vinicola de Cantos.

My preliminary search has only produced some construction photos on Facebook that you can view here:  ARP Ensenada Baja California

I'll report back when I have more info.