Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tripr Report - The Street Vendor Sommelier

Here's a Club Tengo Hambre post about their event that paired wines from Valle de Guadalupe with Tijuana street food.  

The really useful information in the article is the specific wines that are recommended by a respected sommelier.

Trip Report: Phoenix Magazine

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shout Out: San Diego Union Tribune

Hey everybody, Michele Parente gets it. Valle de Guadalupe is not the next Napa.

Here's an article that starts to decode the Valle's specialness without the lazy comparisons.    

Baja's wine region is crushing it

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

San Ysidro SENTRI Lane Directions

I know we have had trouble finding them, so it was nice to see that the Ensenada Gringo posted excellent directions for getting to the SENTRI lanes from the toll road.

Deckman's Is Adding Indoor Dining

I saw this on Facebook this morning. 

Now that Deckman's is a year round operation adding an indoor space is certainly welcome news. (We had a lovely but rather chilly meal there last weekend)

Trip Report: Ensenada Gringo

Adobe Guadalupe's food truck and tienda
Heels, Jardine and Heart Wine Tour

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trip Report: Valle de Guadalupe - Lodging

It had been awhile.

We traveled extensively this summer. When you combined our time on the road with the joys of adopting a puppy the result was we had not been to Valle de Guadalupe in several months. That changed when our friends, Marc and Valerie, suggested a quick trip.  Looking at our calendars we decided to head down on Sunday and return the following afternoon.

Given that it was already Thursday we had some planning to do.

First item of business - find a place to stay.

There are a lot of lodging options in the Valle, but booking them at the last minute can be a bit complicated.  Luckily, one of our favorite places was available.

I booked Shaun and Maria's home in El Porvenir via Airbnb.  We have stayed there before and found it to have a great location (it is just a couple of blocks from the coffee shop, La Cooperativa) and very reasonably priced.

With our lodging set it was time to answer another very important question - Where to eat?

-- To Be Continued --


Planning your own trip?

This might help - Valle de Guadalupe Travel Links 


TJ - Ensenada Toll Road To Open in December???

Officials are pretty adamant that it will happen in December with additional work continuing until spring.  We shall see....

Scenic Road Opens in December  (Google Translate version)

Much Shorter Vehicle Border Crossing Times at San Ysidro

Very encouraging news from the San Diego U-T