Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Airbnb Listing: Casa Nativo - San Antonio de las Minas

On an early morning walk a year or so ago we struck up a conversation with a gentleman doing some prep work for a wedding that was to take place on the grounds of Vinícola Nativo.  He was kind of enough to give us a quick tour that included a walk through a small house that our guide said could be rented on a daily basis.  

The house was quite nice and is now available via Airbnb.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Menu: Viña de Frannes

I had never been to Viña de Frannes so we swung by last Saturday for a glass of wine and a quick bite to eat at. It's a lovely spot and a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dinner Event: Guest Chef at Deckman's En El Mogor - April 23

Event: Brunch + Fashion Show - Hacienda Guadalupe - May 26

Drew Deckman to Open 2 (possibly 3) New Restaurants

Photo Credit: Deckman's En El Mogor

A pretty good source told me this weekend that Drew Deckman will have a much bigger presence in the Valle (and possibly San Diego) this year.

Casa de Piedra, one of Hugo d'Acosta's wineries, will be the home of one of Deckman's Valle projects. The winery will add a tasting room that will be open to the public and will also have a Deckman restaurant specializing in shell fish and sparkling wines.

Deckman also has plans to take over Ryan Steyn's now closed El Clavo space next to Madera 5.  The working name of the restaurant is Wood Fish with a menu featuring freshly caught seafood.

The San Diego restaurant is much more tentative, but there is a possibility he will be involved in a new restaurant space in Banker's Hill.

Mixtura Opens for the Season April 16

We drove down to the Valle last Saturday and needed a place to wait for the other part of our group who who had taken a wrong turn in Tijuana and were having trouble finding their way.  Since Relieve is one of the first signs you see when you enter the Valle we made the turn.

Valle luck was on our side.  

Their restaurant, Mixtura, just happened to be open and had two visiting chefs from Trust in Monterey preparing a one time only brunch menu.  We spent the next couple of hours drinking Relieve's delicious (and a bit unusual) rosé and eating very tasty food.

We also learned that they are adding a new outdoor kitchen that will be finished in time for Mixtura's official season opener on Saturday, April 16.