Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mixtura Opens for the Season April 16

We drove down to the Valle last Saturday and needed a place to wait for the other part of our group who who had taken a wrong turn in Tijuana and were having trouble finding their way.  Since Relieve is one of the first signs you see when you enter the Valle we made the turn.

Valle luck was on our side.  

Their restaurant, Mixtura, just happened to be open and had two visiting chefs from Trust in Monterey preparing a one time only brunch menu.  We spent the next couple of hours drinking Relieve's delicious (and a bit unusual) rosé and eating very tasty food.

We also learned that they are adding a new outdoor kitchen that will be finished in time for Mixtura's official season opener on Saturday, April 16.



  1. I love MIxtura! So happy you featured it here on your blog. I found out about them last summer and am so excited to visit them again this season. The manager, Viviana pours so much love, passion, and knowledge into creating this space. Mixtura is still pretty under the radar for now, but I'll be blogging about it soon too to help get the word out!


  2. I wrote about Mixtura last year, but our visit on Saturday was our first. What a great place. And, Viviana is everything you said and more. We'll be back.