Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Restaurant: Quercus

We spent this past Valentine's Day weekend in the Valle.  At our last winery stop we chanced upon a tour group who were all staying at the Quinta Maria Bed and Breakfast.  We chatted with our fellow travelers a bit and then pulled the owner of the B and B, Tere, aside and peppered her with questions about the Valle.

Our primary aim was to find a new place to have lunch before we headed back home.  She recommended a restaurant in San Antonio de las Minas called Quercus.  So, after we finished our interrogation. we downed our last drop of wine and headed to yet another new Valle restaurant.

Quercus is just a couple blocks south of Highway 3 on Benito Juarez (the only traffic light).  It has not been open long and has adopted the area's ethos of serving products and cooking with ingredients sourced from the Valle.  Walking into the restaurant we noticed a large wood burning oven where our waitress later informed us most of the food is cooked.

The menu is pretty extensive consisting of everything from sopes to pizza to a New York steak. Although the waitress recommended the lasagne (Baja Med?) we ordered the duck confit empanadas and a sea food pizza which we washed down with some local wines and a beer or two.

The food was tasty, the prices moderate, and the young staff was attentive, friendly and very considerate of our modest attempts of speaking Spanish.

As we left the restaurant we talked to one of the chefs who proudly showed us their wood oven and let us know that they are easily reached via Facebook.


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