Sunday, August 10, 2014

La Ruta / VCC+

A couple years ago finding the winery or restaurant you were looking for in Valle de Guadalupe was like trying to find Waldo -  a pleasant surprise.  The maps and signage were at best poor.  That has changed.  The number of signs has increased (too many in some places) and the maps have improved markedly.

La Ruta  / VCC+ is a big reason that it is now much easier to navigate the Valle.  They have created a paper map, web site, and smart phone app that are extremely helpful if you are looking for Waldo.

The third edition of their paper map should be available in most of the Valle's wineries and restaurants this week.

The web site: La Ruta - VCC+

Android app:  La Ruta - VCC+

iPhone app:  La Ruta - VCC+

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