Friday, August 5, 2016

Foodie Hub's "Tastiest Breakfast in the World" Trophy Presentation

On Tuesday I was part of a group of travel writers and bloggers who spent the day in Valle de Guadalupe and Ensenada. One of the primary reasons for the trip was to present Doña Esthela with FoodieHub's trophy for the "Tastiest Breakfast in the World".

The trophy was actually awarded in 2015 at a ceremony in London and then went on a long and winding journey before W. Scott Koenig took possession of it a couple of weeks ago.

Scott and Fernando Gaxiola of Baja Wine and Food were finally able to present the trophy to Esthela on Tuesday with family and friends proudly gathered around her.

Elaine J Masters put together a cool video of our visit and the presentation ceremony.

You can find links with additional information here:  La Cocina de Doña Esthela

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