Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bodegas Cieli Winery and Brewery

On our last trip to the Valle I noticed the sign for the Bodegas Cieli Winery on Hwy 3 very close to Mogor Badan. Since I had been unaware of its existence before that moment I made a mental note to check for information about it when we returned home,  Of course at my age I retain mental notes for about 15 seconds.  So, it wasn't until today when doing a search for information about another winery that I found their Facebook page and website.  

From the looks of it I may have to put it atop my list of places to check out.

Update:  Cieli Winery and Brewery is a passion project of author R.P. McCabe.

Here is a blog post about his efforts:  Dr. Livingstone I Presume

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