Friday, May 1, 2015

Great Idea: BECA 4 Kids Culinary Arts School

Wouldn't it be great if the chef of the next great campestre in Valle de Guadalupe was a BECA Culinary Arts graduate.

Via BECA 4 Kids 
STOCK THE KITCHEN - for our BECA4kids Culinary Arts School

Moms are our first teachers.   Moms are a guide on our path in the world.
They help us find our way through childhood and prepare us to be successful adults. 
But it takes a village.  

BECA is part of that village for many of the children in the La Mision.  It started as a mission to help the smallest children be able to attend school by providing uniforms and books.  It has become a driving source in the success of countless children and now young adults.  BECA is creating the path and helping families guide and prepare their children to be adults. 

In 2008 BECA brought a high school to the La Mision allowing the children of the valley to continue their education beyond elementary school.  That school now has 110 students!   

In 2010 the idea to create a Culinary Arts program at the school was born.  The program would allow the children to learn and develop a skill set in the hospitality industry.  It is a career path as these children become adults. 
The high school would need a kitchen for the program.  So BECA set out to raise funds for the materials and volunteers began construction.  

The structure has been completed!  
The next step is to run electricity and gas to the building.  
And finally to outfit an industrial kitchen that will serve as the hands on classroom for the Culinary Arts program. 

This is where we can help.  We can be part of the village for these children.  

BECA is starting a Stock the Kitchen campaign and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get involved.  As a gift for your mom; or in memory of your mom; or for your daughter who is now a Mom, this year you can help stock the kitchen.  It is a practical and generous gift and an honor to our first teachers.  This year your Mother’s Day gift can be demonstrating empathy and altruism.  

Let’s be honest – its beats a trip to the mall to find something to buy her to show her you were thinking of her this year.  You were thinking of her and you were paying it forward for all she has given you.   Perfect. 

So, first you can choose a gift from the list below.  You can pay for the gift either online or by mailing a check.  (written by Tracey Barker)  

STEP 1:  Please choose your gift from any of the following:

  • $8000  Electricity and Gas Installation Choose a gift amount for these essentials --  the kitchen can’t operate without them...  
  • $100  Citrus Juicer, Pasta Dough Roller, Meat Slicer, Blender, Mixer
  • $50  Pizza Prep Equipment, Bakery Pans and Decorating Tools, Mandolin Slicer
  • $25   Color Coded Handle Knives, Steel Woks, Fry Pans, Food Scales
  • $15   Mixing Bowls, Ramekins, Spatula Set, Measuring Cups and Spoon Set

STEP 2: Make Your Donation:
Go to to make your donation online. 

OR MAIL a check (please note on your check that the gift is for Stock the Kitchen) 
PMB 840
PO BOX 439060
San Diego, CA 92143

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