Monday, May 16, 2016

Directions: Aguas Termales (Hot Springs)

Here are the directions to the hot springs I wrote about in my trip report.

1)  Turn south off Hwy 3 on the dirt road that leads to La Esperanza, Bruma, and L.A. Cetto
2)  Continue on this road past L.A. Cetto and La Casa de Doña Lupe
3)  The road forks a half mile or so past Doña Lupe's - take left fork
4)  Continue on the road for approximately 3 miles
5)  The road is blocked by a chain at Federico's where you pay 30 pesos per person to continue.

The hots springs are about 2 miles from Federico's.  You can park your car there and start hiking or you can continue driving about a mile further down the road to another parking area and start hiking from there.

The road from Federico's was easily navigable although you do have to cross the creek twice. 

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