Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fernando Gaxiola - Baja Wine + Food - Rogue Experiences

Fernando Gaxiola is an evangelist.  

He works tirelessly promoting the wine and food of northern Baja, and as part of his evangelism he is constantly helping to organize special events on both sides of the border.  I have been to many of these events and can speak first hand about their excellence.

Fernando in his never ending quest of sharing his love of Mexico started a new endeavor last week.  He will lead a series of tours under the moniker Rogue Experiences.  
As many of you know, my company Baja Wine + Food does NOT organize tours but tailored high-end experiences (anti-tour). However, for years my friends have asked me to share with them my favorite bites in Baja. Well, I finally said yes. I will personally be leading a series of tours to Baja under the name ‪#‎RogueExperiences‬ (not as Baja Wine + Food). Most of them by-invite-only and designed for the Food & Beverage Industry, journalists, photographers, bloggers, my foodie friends and some of Baja Wine + Food followers. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to some of the influencers in the US to the amazing food, wine, beer and art movement in Baja. Stay tuned for the next and thank you to my friends who joined me yesterday in the very first Rogue Experience. 
I had a great time last week when I joined Fernando and an eclectic band of food lovers on his first Rogue Experience - a tour of Tijuana.  The day was spent eating a lot of tacos (usually paired with an adult beverage or two).  We returned to San Diego tired, but with huge smiles.

Facebook is best way to receive information about Fernando's events and tours.  You can find him here:

Baja Wine + Food - Facebook

Fernando Gaxiola 

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